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Resources for Board of Education Candidates

Need a starting place?

We are here to help.

Watch our June 17, 2024 Training on Policy 5756 here or on YouTube.

Watch our June 17, 2024 Training on School Boards: Things I Wish I Knew Before Running

three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Until recently, running for the Board of Education has been very easy and straightforward. With the polarization and nationalization of politics, it has become necessary to run campaigns at the Board of Education level.


Understanding the Playground

Learn the legal and election law requirements to run for office.


Finding your Resources

Know what printer you will use? Photographer? We have people to help!


Getting the Votes

Learn effective methods for voter outreach.

we will support you in any issue and conflict

Candidates for Board of Education who are faced with political attacks, can join a private group of other Board of Education candidates to get the support they need.