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Gifts with Donation

Your public school system is the cornerstone of your community. Show your support of your public schools. Your donation supports the work of our nonprofit.


Bumper stickers: 10″ x 3″ (peel and stick) — They are made with durable, UV-resistant 4 mil. white vinyl in a high-gloss finish, offering exceptional protection from fading and harsh weather conditions.

Magnetic pin: 1″ circle — Soft enamel pin, 1.2 mm thickness Metal Base

*Not for sale. Gifts with donation only. Items are in a glossy yellow or “school bus yellow” #f2ca00

*Additional contributions are very much needed and tremendously appreciated. Address provided will be used for shipping information. Please scroll down on the form to submit. The gifts with donation levels include shipping and handling. All items shipped via First Class mail or USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping.

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Display your bumper stickers proudly and wear your magnetic lapel pin to subtly signal your support for your teachers and your public schools.